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Acquiring a phone system requires substantial financial investment hence adequate budgeting is required. The cost relates to upfront costs and other components like:

  • Installation fee
  • Cost of actual phone system and base system
  • Maintenance charges
  • Cost of supporting the system
  • Services and Training
  • Phone system Add-ons like CTI and auto- attendant
  • Cost saving and  employee productivity

The choice of a phone system and the number of staffs determines the overall cost.

1. Choice of vendor

A safe and reliable provider is important when choosing where to buy your phone system. Identify many suppliers and choose the best one basing on:

  • Whether they offer free installation and training
  • Their support system services should be 24/7
  • Ability to update their software and hardware regularly to maintain efficiency in your phone system.
  • A vendor who can offer a demo before you buy the actual system
  • One with previous customers particularly those with similar requirements as your needs.

Conduct extensive background research to make sure that the vendor is registered, legitimate and experienced. Customer reviews and feedback are also important.

2. Simplicity and mobility

Remember, not all your employees are knowledgeable about IT. Choose a system that is easy to use and manage to save money on employee training required with complex systems. Mobility can enable employees to work from any remote location. Features like voicemail to email, online fax and web conferencing are ideal in such situations