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The Changing Landscape of IT

For today’s small to mid-sized business IT should no longer be rigid and complex.  Technology advances and cloud-based applications now allow for us to be more agile and nimble in deploying the services we need in less time with fewer support requirements.  Yet many IT departments and support firms are still refreshing hardware and software with new versions of the same old services. Tricom has moved away from the status quo, providing its client companies with innovative solutions that do not require the same levels of expensive hardware.  Our services support communication, collaboration and the security needs of our clients in a way that allows them access when they need it, where they need it, on any device.

Lowering Costs

By leveraging cloud-based services large capital expense costs (CAPEX) can be avoided.  Your IT spend moves to an operational expense (OPEX) model that scales with your organization.  Increases and decreases in employees will be reflected in the monthly cost of services allowing you to be flexible and map your IT spend to your revenue. In this as a service IT model you should see a reduction in your existing IT Support or Managed Service costs as maintenance needs shift from on-site servers and storage to cloud subscriptions.  On-premise IT support is reduced to simple desktop and basic network support models.

How do we do it?

We leverage industry leading services from vendors to create an IT environment that meets the unique needs of your business.  We focus on the goals of your business and then introduce the correct solutions to support those objectives.  Out technology partners are leading industry vendors including Microsoft, Symantec, HP, and AWS.

Collaborative Cloud


The modern office will require robust and dependable telecommunications and internet services to drive the advanced cloud technology being deployed today.  Tricom Systems has partnered with the leading carrier and cable companies to deliver Voice and Data solutions for businesses of all sizes. We will help you design your wide area network (WAN) and connect remote sites and workers to your core location.  The modern office is more reliant on their Internet to support the day to day needs of the business and Tricom Systems provides low-cost, high availability Internet configurations to ensure maximum uptime. We do this to drive corporate collaboration and deliver all services with tested security.


The beauty of our connected world is that we can now hire the best talent and serve clients anywhere.  We just need easy to use collaboration tools to bring everyone together.  Office 365 from Microsoft does just that. Known as the industry leader in email communications, Office 365 has gone beyond that communication medium integrating a suite of services for small to mid-sized businesses to propel collaboration.  Skype for Business introduces video and web-conferencing that is easy to set up, easy to use.  Bring employees and clients together in a virtual conference room and share documents and presentations as if they are in the same room.  Imagine the productivity and travel savings. Additional included collaboration resources include SharePoint, Yammer, Planner all geared to helping teams work together easily and effectively.

Office 365
Cyber Security


Security, it never goes out of style.  With the continued increase of security breaches, ransomware, and patch exploitations the need for security has never been greater.  Add mobile employees and cloud services and the need for a strong security plan is a must. Tricom Systems helps you by bringing the tools and services to secure your premise, perimeter and cloud services.  Through proactive network management services, we ensure all on-site assets are up to date.  We automate the process of deploying system patches, viruses and malware are being detected and removed, and the firewall is being monitored for intrusion.  We protect your data with a full, automated backup program that protects both your local servers and desktops and imports your data from the cloud. Concerned about your employees’ computer use? Tricom Systems provides services that can monitor your employees’ actions including website visits, files accessed and emails sent.