As a small business owner, protecting your business is a priority. You purchase insurance, use the best locks, install an alarm system, and keep important things in a secure safe. You always use state of the art safety equipment and train your employees to follow safety procedures. You thoroughly assess risk factors and proactively manage the threats you’ve identified.

The next question is, how do you manage the potential threats that occur when you or your employees are not there, or what if someone in your workforce is the threat? Maybe others who have access to your property, like vendors, mean to cause damage or steal from you, what then? What methods can you use to know what goes on twenty-four hours a day? The answer is closed circuit television cameras.

What are the Benefits of Security Cameras?

• Video recorders capture and store everything that happens in the covered area

• The presence of cameras serves as a deterrent against robbery, inventory theft, and property damage

• High-resolution cameras capture, record, and verify employee transactions and behavior

• Specialty cameras use night vision for security after dark

• Controllable overhead dome cameras provide multi-position view angles

• Monitor and control points of entry and exit with video surveillance

What Kind of Security Camera System is Best?

Professional security systems are available in a variety of setups. Each one has special features to serve your unique needs. As mentioned earlier, you have assessed your potential threats and have a good idea of your specific protection needs. The best idea at this point is getting the advice of professionals. Let them pick up where you left off. Their experience allows them to see problems that you miss, and they can advise you about avoiding any blind spots in your protection. Here are some tips on what things to consider when buying security camera system.

• Do you need indoor or outdoor cameras?

• If outdoor, are the cameras weatherproof?

• Do you need good quality video at night or in dark conditions?

• What is the temperatures range of the areas used to install the cameras?

• Do you want your cameras to record at all times or only at times when trouble occurs?

• How long do you want to store recorded video?

• Do you want to view and control your system remotely?

Statistics shows that businesses lose about $50 billion every year to employee theft, causing approximately 30% of small businesses go bankrupt. You invest your precious time, effort, heart, and soul into your business. You spend money on insurance premiums to gain the piece of mind in the event of a loss. Invest a little more in your piece of mind by letting the professionals at Tricom point you to a system of monitoring that lets you know what’s happening at all times. Protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.