VoIP Myths

There are several success stories associated with Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP which has proved itself as the most cost effective and efficient method of business communication. However, some businesses are still reluctant to accept VoIP whole heartedly because it’s a relatively new technology and there are few myths which discourage anyone thinking about an upgrade.

VoIP enables a wide range of advanced communication services where a single network carries data, voice and digital media. Business VoIP systems would increase competitiveness, reduce cost, and guarantee high scalability and flexibility. Let’s get to business and clear the myths and misconceptions that shroud the beauty of VoIP.

VoIP Myth#1 The Voice quality is not great

Fact: When your network is optimized to support your bandwidth requirements along with state of the art business telephone systems, you don’t need to worry about the voice quality. Users also have the option to select specific codecs and protocols to make the most out of business VoIP systems. In actual, VoIP calls are comparatively clearer over long distances when compared with traditional phone systems.

VoIP Myth#2 VoIP isn’t secured

Fact: Many businesses would believe that their data could be under risk and vulnerable to virus attacks and hackers if they switch to business VoIP systems, however the truth is completely different. These days, VoIP phone systems use strict encryption schemes thereby making business communication completely safe from eavesdropping.

VoIP Myth#3 Forget VoIP, it’s too costly

Fact: Agreed that the initial switch to VoIP telephone systems would include purchase of new equipment, however VoIP systems would ensure low operating costs thereby guaranteeing a higher return on investment and more savings in the longer run.

VoIP Myth#4 Unreliable business telephone system

Fact: The growing demand for VoIP systems bears testimony to the fact that VoIP is definitely more reliable than traditional telephone systems. With several features like auto call forwarding, voicemail etc. it prevents any loss of information and provides easy accessibility.

VoIP Myth#5 Cheap only when you’re calling other VoIP systems

Fact: This is one of the most common deterrent to an upgrade to VoIP systems. It’s true that there are several providers which allow free calls within their network, however VoIP still remains as the most cost effective method to call irrespective of the telephone system at the other end i.e. VoIP to VoIP, VoIP to PSTN, international, long distance calls etc. You never miss out on the savings actually.

VoIP Myth#6 Works well only for the large companies

Fact: The enterprise grade features are actually created for small and medium sized businesses to ensure high productivity and lower operating costs. Impeccable customer services and infallible support ensures minimal downtime, good voice quality and easy upgrades. Switching to VoIP business systems is a smart move irrespective of the size of business.

VoIP Myth#7 Complicated Installation and delays

Fact: VoIP installations can be completed quickly without any disruption to your business if done in an organized and planned manner. Many businesses stick to legacy systems because they expect longer delays and extended downtime periods during the upgrade. Most of the devices are preconfigured and ready to be installed which means you can enjoy the benefits without fretting.

Lack of information is one of the biggest reasons behind the myths shrouding VoIP business telephone systems. VoIP is definitely cost effective and efficient which is why millions around the globe are making a switch to VoIP systems every year and the numbers are growing.