It seems more and more businesses are using mobile solutions to communicate with their employees. There are many mobility solutions out there, but not all of them offer the ability to connect your employees to the same system. This is why it is important to use integrated mobility.

What is integrated mobility? Your employees can use any device they want to connect to the same phone system. The actual device and location does not make a difference. It is easier to communicate with your employees when they are all in the same system.

Using a separate mobile system is the traditional method for businesses. The lines are not a part of the office system, creating a mobile line and an office line. This means spending more money on this service. You may have to limit the employees who can use the mobile service.

You do not have to make an additional purchase to use integrated mobility. All it takes is a simple download and you can add it to the phone system of your business. Every employee who uses this account can access these features, such as caller ID and call forwarding. Your employees can access the business phone system from any location, as long as they are on the account.

So why is it important to use integrated mobility? The first reason would be the reduced installation costs. You are not installing several separate systems with integrated mobility. You are actually installing one connection on your VoIP system. That connection is then spread across several different lines. It ties those lines together to your office system.

The second reason is that connection across those lines. Your employees’ mobile phones are basically becoming an extension of the business phone system. This allows you to stay connected with your employees, whether they are at the office, at home or on the go.

The additional features would be the third reason to use integrated mobility. One feature is the caller ID. When your employee receives a call on the mobile application, it is recognized as on the caller ID as the business. Your employee will not have to play guessing games, and will know the business is contacting them. Another feature is the call forwarding. If your employee receives a phone call on the business extension, they can have that call forwarded to their mobile phone. The call can also be forwarded to another extension in the employee account. This means any business, big or small, will have the communication solutions they need.

You should always be able to contact your employees, regardless of where they may be or what type of mobile device they are using. You can save money and make the communication process easier for everyone by opting for integrated mobility.