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With VoIP phone systems, conference calling has made business communication a lot easier. Irrespective of the geographical location of the participants, one can easily host a conference call with VoIP phone systems. For different business models like B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business), this means a substantial saving of time, effort and money. VoIP reduces communication costs significantly as it places and receives calls using the internet.

Why are conference calls important in today’s business world? Irrespective of the size of business, conference calls are indispensable for team consultations, important business meetings, employee training, knowledge transfer sessions, announcements, project meeting, sales presentations, performance reports and webinars. The option for video conferencing opens up endless opportunities with respect to business communication.

What are the major benefits associated with conference calls made using VoIP phone systems?

  • Collaborative Spirit: With an option for real time collaboration, companies can discuss important business agenda, conduct team meetings without demanding the presence of all participants in the same meeting room. With Audio/Video conference calling, different stake holders from various parts of the world can come together and discuss common business targets.
  • Cost Benefits: In case of VoIP phone systems, voice is converted into digital data which travels as small packets over the internet and again converted back to digital sound at the other end of the telephone. It provides a great opportunity to save money on international calling. In addition to the cut in your phone bills, you can also save on your travel expenses because conference calling allows you to interact with employees, partners and clients without meeting them in person.
  • Security: VoIP phone systems are loaded with a lot of security features which ensures that confidential conference calls have restricted access and managed via security passwords.
  • Call Recording features: The conference call can be recorded for future reference.
  • Participant Management: For video conference calls, participants can raise hands when they need to ask any question. This avoids chaos and makes it easier for the moderator to manage the conference call.
  • Admin controls: For a video conference call, the moderator has privileges that allows them to control the conference call by adding, removing or muting any participant from the call.

There are difference conference phone devices available in the market, however each of them should have the following basic features. The phone device should be able to pick up voices within a 360 degree radius so that each and every participant’s voice can be included during the conference call. Also, the device should allow multiple parties to listen and speak using an optimized speak system and receiver. It also lets everyone know when someone joins the call or someone gets dropped. In short, business conference calls using VoIP phone systems make business interaction extremely convenient and reliable.