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Business telephone systems play a critical role in every business because it’s the lifeline of your business communication model. In case of any disruption, it would break communication lines between people within the organization, while your customers and vendors won’t be able to reach you. Over the last few years, advancement in technology has allowed greater reach, higher performance, high efficiency and impeccable functionality, however it has also added complexity which is best handled by professionals.

Previously, communication meant just voice communication, however with the introduction of digital networking, we are now in an era of voice, data and LAN technology.

Risks of not having a reliable technical support

The entailments of not having a reliable technical support may include the following risks

  • Unscheduled downtime: Long periods of business outages will not only cause serious financial damage but also dent your reputation.

  • Loss of important data: Without an efficient and reliable Business Telephone support, important business data is at risk. You may lose critical data which cannot be retrieved.

  • Added costs: Without reliable technical support system in place, you would require to hire network engineers for emergency repair which will involve substantial time and money. Also, it would stretch the downtime period thereby causing cascading impact on business productivity.

  • Loss of productivity: Breakdown of Business telephone system may bring business operations to a standstill, thereby preventing your employees to work.

  • You may as well be tempted to choose cheaper repair options which can result in permanent damage to your networking model and business telephone system.

On the other hand, a reliable technical support system managed by experienced and qualified engineers would mean that your organization is always ready for disaster management and prompt recovery thereby resulting is minimal disruptions.

The benefits associated with a reliable and professional technical support includes

  • A singular point of contact for all normal repairs and emergency situations: This also includes constant access to a fault reporting system either by a phone call or through priority tickets.

  • Infrastructure changes during office relocation

  • Regular software upgrades are ensured

  • On-site and remote support is made available based on the severity of the problem: Remote corrective action and repair will limit downtime and minimize disruption to business

  • Assistance in case of third party dispute resolution

  • Faulty equipment repair and replacements: Based on the terms of your contract, defective equipments may be replaced free of charge.

  • For complex repairs, an alternative solution would be provided in the interim which would allow your business operations to run smoothly.

Apart from the above, there are several companies which provide preventive diagnostic checks which can be managed remotely by a qualified network engineer. The detailed report includes any findings and recommendations which provides peace of mind to customers. Also, reports mentioning service history details are provided which are crucial in troubleshooting and fixing recurring issues.

Irrespective of the size of the business organization, you need to ask yourself whether you prefer prolonged outages or a reliable technical support which can ensure least downtime. The benefits associated with having a reliable technical support for business telephone system outweighs the cost involved.

For all business organizations which depend heavily on their communication network, it is highly recommended to ensure a fast and reliable technical support system in place to minimise the risk of downtime and loss in productivity