Old Typewriter Keyboard

Close up of old manual typewriter keyboard with scratched chrome keys that spell out “MYTHS”. Lighting and focus are centered on “MYTHS”.

As your business grows so does the need for accurate, clear and concise communications. Nowhere is this more important than with the office and small business phone system. A poorly set-up or designed phone system may bring your enterprise to its knees. With that said, keep in mind there are a few choice myths surrounding business phone and communication systems to be aware of prior to shopping around for, or designing your business’s phone system. Myth #1 The “it’s only a phone” Mentality will kill your business communications before it even starts. Yes, in words it is just “a phone” but the system itself needs to be so much more. There needs to be an accurate way of monitoring the phone calls; a method of controlling expenses for the system; recording banks for voice mail; and the implementation of a system manager. These all combine to quickly dispel the notion this is a mere phone. Myth #2 Our existing phone system is just fine, so we really don’t need to mess with it. This is akin to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and this is a huge hole many fall into. By shrugging it off and saying the current system has been working fine, you set yourself up for failure by means of not keeping current with the latest tech and trends. This makes a difference as when a client deals with the poor communications, you rarely get a chance at a second impression. Stay current and up to date. Myth #3 Cost. When cost is examined the common thought is a phone system is too expensive. When you add up the associated costs of not upgrading or not having a new system put in, you find yourself adding up huge numbers for upkeep, maintenance and service. A new service is streamlined and ready to go. Also, try finding a repair person for older and antiquated systems. Like makes of buggy whips, they are not easy to find. Myth #4 We want to go wireless only. This is a common trap in today’s world, what with the presence and use of smartphones seemingly everywhere. While the smartphones are incredibly useful for mobile employees, they are not practical for interoffice use as there is no oversight for control. Having a hardwire system keeps you above the field by simple lieu of the added base of operations. Keep the mobile use for the mobile employees. Myth #5 Small businesses don’t need fancy systems. This seems like it makes sense, yet it does not hold up. Even small businesses benefit greatly from the addition of a hard phone system.