VoIP (Voice Over IP) Technology


Tricom offer it’s clients VoIP phone (Voice over Internet Protocol). ¬†VoIP technology allows you to make a telephone call using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)¬† phone line. This new technology enables our clients to speak over the Internet at no cost to them. Through this technology, we can connect businesses with multiple locations to operate as one. Whether it be branch locations, home offices, or telecommuters, or the need to share resources such as receptionist, operator, and voicemail, we can save you money on point-to-point calls anywhere in the world. VoIP telephone systems offers full-featured telephone for both voice and data through your PC. You can establish a virtual office in any location (with Internet Broadband connection) to receive and send calls through an easy-to-use interface displayed on your desktop or laptop PC. Call us today to see if our VoIP telephone systems suit your needs.

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