What is Fabric Connect?

If you haven’t yet, you should start to consider future-proofing your network with Avaya Fabric Connect. What you might ask, is fiber connect? It is a new type of network topology (a schematic that shows a network layout) in which connected devices pass data to each other through interconnecting switches (nodes). The term, fabric connect, refers to the idea that when drawn on paper the schematic looks as though the connecting lines resemble a woven pattern, or fabric, similar to a blanket.

Fabric Connect is completely new. It is an innovation that takes Shortest Path Bridging to a higher level. Avaya creates a less complex, more durable, and significantly more flexible infrastructure that facilitates any necessary changes or additions easier than ever.

The new innovative topology blends years of experience to create technology that combines the best of Ethernet and Internet protocol. Traffic always takes the fastest, least resistant path from one point to another, guaranteeing peak performance and protection from total system failure.

Benefits of Fabric Connect

Fabric Connect creates a platform or foundation that is truly future-proof. This platform helps you deal with new trends like virtualization, cloud, mobility and video – while significantly reducing overhead and demystifying the network. Fabric topology solves several problems, like the following:

  • Complex networks that are expensive to operate
  • Lack of flexibility, hard to manage MACS
  • Not enough resiliency and poor service impacting outages
  • Inability to support up and coming applications because of low capacity, lack of scale, and resiliency

What is Radvision?

Radvision is an Avaya company founded in 1992 and headquartered in Tel Aviv. They provide video conferencing and telepresence technologies over IP and wireless networks.

Radvision has over twenty years of experience bringing their customers innovative video conferencing firsts. Their solutions to countless problems have made it easy for customers like you to connect without all the metaphorical, and literal red tape.

Since Radvision and Avaya got together a little over a year ago Scopia Desktop and Mobile applications are making connecting as easy as sitting together at a conference table wherever participants. Anywhere, on any device, over any network you can connect with Scopia.


The number one reason for any business failure is a lack of communication. With the huge variety of communication options available, there is no reason your business should go down for not sharing information. Avaya will keep your network up and running with their innovative methods of connecting each device in more than one way. Your network will adapt faster than ever, and data will sail smoothly from source to destination.

Communicating face to face? Avaya has that base also covered with Scopia. Connect quickly and easily with any device from anywhere you are. The excuses just went out the window.